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The key to developing a great team and achieving organizational success is strong leadership. When leadership is lacking, communication is strained, productivity is down, and morale suffers. Avoid these challenges with 3 tips for being a better leader:

Prioritize growth and development

Strong leaders are growth-oriented. They recognize that there’s always room for improvement. Leaders must acknowledge when they require additional training and support to perform their job functions and lead their teams through daily operations or new challenges.

Strong leaders also encourage their teams to pursue continued education by offering training and development opportunities. Leaders should join their teams for these training sessions to demonstrate the importance of education. Teams who grow together stay together!

Give and ask for constructive feedback

Strong leaders know they’re not perfect people. It’s important that leaders acknowledge their mistakes, ask for constructive criticism and receive it gracefully. Furthermore, they should use that constructive feedback to better themselves and improve their processes.

Strong leaders must also know how and when to deliver feedback. No one grows from harsh or unhelpful criticism. Leaders must know how to frame their feedback so that it is both encouraging and constructive.   


Strong leaders must be effective communicators. However, a huge component of communication is active listening. Leaders must encourage open discussion among their teams and be prepared to listen.

Leaders who are actively listening are not thinking about their next response—they are giving their undivided attention so they can understand. When leaders take the time to listen, they can identify the needs of their teams (and customers) and provide unique solutions.

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