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Business Alignment - Floro Business Strategies

Business Alignment

We partner with executives to help identify and target specific areas of need and obtain the desired results by helping them plan and execute each step.

Strategic Planning - Floro Business Strategies

Strategic Planning

We work with businesses to create well-designed strategic plans that serve as the foundation to build upon prior to executing a business alignment strategy.

Succession Planning - Floro Business Strategies

Succession Planning

We help prepare a business’s next generation of leaders, secure the company’s market position, and assure all that the business will continue to thrive.

Executive Coaching - Floro Business Strategies

Executive Coaching

Our executive coaching services provide business leaders with individualized development that can be put into action and implemented in the workplace.

Distribution Channel Development - Floro Business Strategies

Distribution Channel Development

We understand and embrace the intricacies of the global distribution channel and work closely with distributors to align the channel with the manufacturer.