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Strategic Planning

In many cases, before moving forward in the strategic planning process and creating a actionable strategic plan, we must reflect upon where we have been, where we presently are, and where we want to be.

During this initial phase of discovery, moving too quickly through the process, or skipping steps, will not produce the desired outcome. Therefore, assessing the critical items in a step-by-step strategic planning process will lead to a successful conclusion and actionable results.

Floro Business Strategies creates well-designed strategic plans that serve as the foundation to build upon prior to executing a business alignment strategy. Our firm uses both proven and creative methods when partnering with executives to develop each component of a strategic plan. We incorporate into the plan a solid company structure and clearly defined corporate goals and objectives to ensure the long-term objective of achieving sustainable success is met.

Typical components of our strategic planning process and plans include:

• A 1-3-5 Year Blueprint

• Alignment and Succession Planning

• Short, Medium and Long-Term Goals

• A Competitive Analysis

• New Marketing Opportunities

• Organic Growth

• Growth Through Acquisition

• A Defined Return on Investment (ROI)