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Floro Business Strategies utilizes highly-creative insights and strategic solutions to facilitate success and exceed the desired results of distributors and manufacturers through the alignment and execution of marketing, sales, operations and company initiatives.

Executive Coaching

Our executive coaching services provide business leaders with individualized development that can be implemented in the workplace.

Channel Development

We understand the distribution channel and work closely with distributors to align the channel with the manufacturer.

Business Alignment

We partner with executives to help identify and target specific areas of need and obtain the desired results through proper planning.

Strategic Planning

We create strategic plans that serve as the foundation to build upon prior to executing a business alignment strategy.

Succession Planning

We help businesses prepare their next generation of leaders, and secure the company’s market position and growth rate.

Who We Help

Floro Business Strategies offers a variety of professional business services, including Business Alignment, Strategic Planning, Succession Planning, Executive Coaching, and Distribution Channel Development.



We work closely with distributors to embrace the intricacies of the distribution channel and align it with the manufacturer, proving both the time and power this alignment can have to drive business revenue, territory growth, and overall positive changes and results.



We work closely with domestic and global manufacturers to establish attainable goals and drive measurable success by identifying key distributors in specific markets, determining areas of improvement, facilitating growth, and promoting positive changes and results.


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