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Distribution Channel Development

As a manufacturer, you depend on your distributors and resellers. Distributors and resellers communicate your message to customers, recommend your brand to others, and distribute or sell your product.

Relationships between manufacturers and distributors can be tenuous, resulting in missed opportunities for both parties. Similarly, establishing ties with new distributor and resellers is essential for getting your products into the hands of as many consumers as possible. To sell more products, you need more distributors and resellers stocking and endorsing them.

Floro Business Strategies helps grow your network of distributors and resellers while strengthening and maximizing the value of the relationships with existing ones. Our distribution channel development strategies allow you to inform others and be informed through feedback, and identify current pain points in the channel, as well as gaps in the market.

Our creative and detailed distribution channel development strategies are aimed to help businesses and manufacturers make better decisions, based on customer demands and current market trends.

Our firm helps businesses:

• Identify strengths, weaknesses, and needs of all distribution channels

• Improve manufacturer-distributor communication and develop a relationship that is mutually beneficial

• Identify ways to support ongoing business growth for all parties