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Succession planning is an important part of transitioning existing leaders and preparing the next generation of leaders. Secure the future of your company by identifying strong successors. Here are a few qualities of a strong successor:


With the future of the company in their hands, leaders must have vision — they must have an idea of where they want to take the company and all its departments. Leaders stay true to their company’s core values and mission. Therefore, strong successors must be future-oriented leaders. Employees with vision have longevity and will carry the organization through years of success.


Leaders have employees who look to them for guidance and feedback. They have customers who are seeking answers. They have stakeholders who have high expectations. Therefore, leaders — and successors — must have strong written and verbal communication skills. Leaders know their audience; they know what to say, when to say it, and how to say it.


In business, sometimes you’re faced with unprecedented circumstances or challenges. These sudden changes can cause panic, which leads to rash decisions and subpar work. Therefore, leaders must be agile — they must quickly adapt to sudden changes and lead with confidence. Successors must work well under pressure, act quickly but thoughtfully, and know how to effectively communicate in high-stress situations to work toward a common goal.


Strong leaders know that growth only occurs when you take measured risks and seize new opportunities. Strong leaders have a discovery mindset; they are innovative and creative in their search for solutions. Therefore, strong successors know that there is more to lose from playing it safe. When faced with new challenges, strong successors are not intimidated by risk — they are eager to discover new possibilities.

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