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Ways to Support Distribution Channels - Floro Business Strategies

Regardless of how competitive a product is in the marketplace, without successful distribution channels manufacturers will inevitably struggle. In order to get the product in the hands of the consumers, manufacturers must develop a strong partnership with their distributors — this is a team effort! Here are a few ways you can provide superior distribution channel support:

Communicate and provide exceptional service

In any business relationship, communication is key! As the manufacturer, how is your communication lacking? Distributors shouldn’t have to jump through hoops to have their needs met — from the warehouse and order desk to Billing and Customer Service, all your departments should be accessible to your distributors. Customer Service isn’t the only department responsible for providing distributors with a positive experience. Therefore, each department should be trained in customer service. Ensure all employees are responding to questions quickly and listening to distributor feedback.  

You may also consider visiting your distributors. It is easier to build a relationship with your distributors and come to a mutual understanding when you can put a face to the name. 

Identify your distributors’ needs

Your job doesn’t end once the product is in the hands of the distributors! If a distributor’s needs are unmet, this can affect their ability to deliver product in a timely, efficient manner. 

Identify what your distributors need from you in order to make sales! Do they need promotional support and displays? What changes can you make in order to improve consumer feedback and product reviews? 

Find ways to help

A strong manufacturer-distributor relationship is mutually beneficial. When your distributor wins, you win! Therefore, you should prioritize consumer satisfaction and search for opportunities to generate more revenue for your distributors. 

For instance, suggest that your distributors offer accessory products or product lines. Suggestions like these will support ongoing business growth for all parties.

At Floro Business Strategies, we specialize in distribution chain development. With the help of our seasoned professionals, you can identify your pain points, address the needs of your distributors, and get the product in the hands of consumers in a timely manner. With Floro Business Strategies, you can be a business leader who sees the future… today. Schedule a no-obligation consultation!

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