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Boards of Directors are tasked with making decisions that may heavily impact the organizations and shareholders they represent. This is a huge responsibility! Therefore, it is important that boards have executive management teams to ensure all members are acting in the best interest of the organization and shareholders.

Within Boards of Directors, management has defined roles and responsibilities. Boards of Directors executive management teams strive to fulfill the organization’s mission, strengthen relationships within the governing system, and monitor board efforts. Here’s what the Board of Directors executive management team is assigned to:


An organization’s defined vision and mission is central to all that the board does — the board’s executive management team makes certain of this! Management teams reflect on each decision made and action taken to ensure the organization has remained true to its values and purpose.


Establishing strong relationships is crucial in having an effective board. It is up to the executive management team to ensure there are no broken links — everyone within the governing system communicates with one another (management or not). This can be done through monthly meetings. During meetings, the management team should keep board members informed and encourage open dialogue. Strengthening relationships creates a sense of unity, which is necessary for a strong board and organization.

Monitor and Evaluate

A board’s executive management team is tasked with monitoring and evaluating all collaborative efforts. The board has many decisions to make, so management must ensure decisions are made in a timely manner and in the best interest of the organization. From organization-wide meetings to hiring and more, executive management teams are involved to maximize productivity and ensure effective communication.

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