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Floro Business Strategies utilizes creative insights and strategic solutions to facilitate success and exceed the desired results of distributors and manufacturers through the alignment and execution of marketing, sales, operations, and company initiatives.

We strive to help organizations identify their desired results and potential barriers, develop concrete evidence of problems, and understand the consequences of ignoring the problems. In this article we’ll discuss a few ways that recent events are forcing businesses to change their habits–and gear toward innovative, creative insights to thrive.

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Analytics can help tackle numerous urgent tasks that businesses face today, such as forecasting demand, identifying potential supply-chain disruptions, targeting support services to at-risk workers, and determining the effectiveness of crisis-intervention strategies.Analytics also helps improve the experience of customers, many of them frightened, some jobless, and all of them deeply uncertain about the next normal. To renew and refresh their connections to the people they serve, companies need to recognize what’s happening now, and respond creatively: digital excellence, safe and contactless engagement, and dynamic customer insights.

Supply Chains

If your business is pursuing more efficient and effective supply chains, for example, where improved planning and responses lead to lower installed cost, how do we achieve this? If the current framework of engagement limits your audience, you must pursue innovative approaches and intact creative insights. In this changing market, you must be adaptive, communicative and unique. 

Another factor in localizing: technology is shortening supply chains. For example, the coronavirus is fast-tracking 3D printing as companies test it to supply hospital ventilators in large numbers. A shift to large-scale 3D printing has potential to replace imports with locally printed goods.

As global companies pivot supply chains that have been disrupted by COVID-19, they will likely look for solutions close to their headquarters that meet their own business needs but also help shore up local economies. 

Resource Sharing

Businesses have quickly transitioned to sharing knowledge and resources. Could these actions by companies point to new ways of working together in which solving common problems takes precedence over short-term growth objectives? It’s early, but with large companies showing the way, there’s reason to think so.

Clear Innovation

Business is helping reshape how we live, work, consume, and connect in ways that could outlast the current crisis. If the pause caused by today’s environment has placed improved performance, new approaches and optimization on your radar, let’s talk. We are here to discuss your options and develop a plan integrating creative insights that meets your requirements.

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