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Over the past few months, we have exchanged thoughts and ideas regarding the structure, roles, responsibilities, and accountability of a Board of Directors. Boards of Directors are tasked with making impartial decisions on behalf of organizations and their stakeholders. With so much at stake, decision-making is one of the most important Board processes. The Board must act quickly but thoughtfully when making decisions, as it could impact the future of the organization it serves.


Today, I would like for us to focus on improving decision-making processes within the Board, and in particular, slow or no decision-making and its consequences.

Two quotes come to mind when I think of slow or no decision-making:

  • “Bad news is not like fine wine, it does not improve with time.”
  • “No decision is, in fact, a decision.”

Do either or both of these quotes remind you of a time when you delayed or did not make an obvious decision (and the unintended consequences that resulted)? I have experienced this and always reflect back and ask, “If I would have made the obvious or required decision, how much easier would things have been and how much quicker would we have moved forward?”

There’s always room for improvement — and reflection is the best way to improve future processes. As a Board, members should reflect on the outcomes of previous decisions to yield better results in the future. With a little creativity and data analysis, Board members can find unique, effective solutions for every decision.

Please give these two quotes some thought and if Floro Business Strategies can be of assistance in improving decision-making processes, please contact us at or 713-899-2769.

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