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Michael R. Keller (Honeywell International) explains why Dennis Floro would be an asset to your company as a board member/advisor:

“I have had the privilege to work with Dennis Floro in many capacities. I have always admired and respected his visionary leadership and his business acumen.

During his tenure as CEO of Wilson-Mohr, I was an advisor on his Board of Directors. I experienced his business discipline and focus on implementing and measuring Key Performance Indicators. I also was able to witness his collaborative leadership abilities. Dennis ran a very successful growth-oriented company that grew profitably, both organically and through acquisitions.

I have also worked with Dennis in his consulting roles, as many of the companies he has consulted for are Honeywell customers. Dennis’ expertise is with Executive Coaching and Channel Management. The relationships that he develops with his clients allow him to provide critical input on areas of improvement and a thoughtful strategic plan.

As a manufacturer, I have always appreciated Dennis’ ability to listen and understand our strategic priorities. His ability to incorporate those priorities into the business he is leading or consulting for creates a mutually beneficial business environment, is unique and a testament to his strategic abilities and corporate success.”

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