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The Importance of Confident Leadership in Business - Floro Business Strategies

In 2020, executives were faced with several unexpected, unprecedented challenges. In order to maintain operations, executives had to respond to these crises without hesitation — they had to step up and make quick, smart decisions. Those who survived these crises did so with forward thinking and led their teams with confidence and certainty.

2020 served as a learning opportunity for many industries. When required to act quickly, executives were able to not only identify vulnerabilities in their team’s response time and competency, but their own leadership skills as well. With this knowledge, business leaders can make improvements and are better prepared for whatever challenges arise in the future. If you felt your leadership may have been lacking in 2020, here are a few ways to develop confident leadership in 2021:


When developing confident leadership, it is important to reflect on your habits and ability to respond. In 2020, you likely had to pivot to meet the requirements of a disrupted marketplace. Reflect on your response to the unexpected with these questions:

  • What course of action did you take?
  • How quickly were you able to respond to the crisis?
  • Were your efforts to adapt successful? 
  • How did that affect your confidence?
  • How would you rate your communication during this time?


Now that you have identified your strengths and weaknesses, you can make adjustments and plan for the future. As a leader, how confident are you going into 2021? If there are specific areas in which you lack confidence (i.e. response time), these must be addressed. Ask yourself these questions during the development process:

  • What specific efforts were unsuccessful?
  • What could I have done differently that would have yielded better results?

Once you identify what does and does not work, you can be more confident in your decisions and implementation for the future.


Prevention is key to maintaining operations; it is better to take preventative measures than to search for solutions while in the midst of a desperate situation. Therefore, you must have a plan! Now that you have identified what did not work in 2020, you can develop an effective approach for 2021. However, the perfect solutions aren’t always so obvious — enlist the help of Floro Business Strategies!

At Floro Business Strategies, we believe confident leadership can be achieved through Executive Coaching. Our professionals provide leaders with individualized development that can be implemented in the workplace. Our coaches will dissect the situation, challenge your assumptions, and offer credible solutions to your pain points. With Floro Business Strategies, business leaders meet the future… today. To schedule a no-obligation consultation, contact us today!

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