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Many manufacturers have been hit hard by the recent pandemic. We recognize that even in a time where people are closing doors to feel safer at home, opening our doors to the world can bring new business opportunities. We want to help you realize your company’s full potential.  In this article we will discuss how we help manufacturers establish attainable goals, develop distribution channels, and drive measurable success–even in a downturn.

With increasing pressure on manufacturers to improve performance and find new ways of competing to win new business, many companies are struggling to develop and implement an effective manufacturing distribution channel strategy. Formulating and managing a manufacturing distribution channel development strategy demands input and collaboration at the highest levels of management, and often input from an outside, unbiased source. Topics are often complex, and typically, there will be several alternative strategic business paths to choose from.

Executing a manufacturing distribution channel strategy is equally as challenging, as it requires determination to stay on the chosen course over a number of years, despite distractions of the daily business and economic cycles. Strategy execution requires coordinating and prioritizing activities across several different areas, as well as long-term monitoring and readjusting against the agreed objectives. Teamwork is essential!

Strategic decisions are by definition far-reaching: you must ensure that they are informed, appropriate and robust. Consulting external advice from seasoned leaders will help you make important judgement calls and avoid missed opportunities requiring costly re-alignment.

At Floro Business Strategies, our approach is adaptable and scalable. We analyze, explore, develop, plan and implement. Our creative and detailed distribution channel development strategies are aimed to help manufacturers make better decisions based on customer demands, market trends and, in today’s uncertain circumstances, plan for a brighter future.

Floro Business Strategies helps businesses:

  • Understand the advantages and disadvantages of distribution channels
  • Identify strategies to move products to the end consumer more efficiently
  • Identify methods to control costs and time along the distribution channel

Our manufacturing distribution channel development strategies allow you to inform others and be informed through feedback, and identify current pain points in the channel  as well as gaps in the market. Developing a strategy that suits a company’s strengths is essential not only to maintain the supply chain to customers, but to ensure the company remains competitive within its market.

Initiate a conversation with Floro Business Strategies to see if we’re the right fit for your company. We’re available via email or phone and are eager to listen!

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